How to Help Your Investment Thrive…

If Schendel installed your sod, we have chosen the highest quality of sod available, and ensured that it is free of weeds, disease, and insect infestation. The sod we choose has been installed in your yard within 24 hours of harvesting, so that it is full and vigorous. However, it is a living plant that has been removed from it’s native soil and root system, transported on a truck and replanted in your yard. To thrive, the sod must be cared for so that it can devote it’s energies to reestablishing itself with new root growth.

The key to the establishment of new sod is proper watering

The time of the year sod is planted will make a difference in how often you need to water. Regardless, the first week is vitally important, and keeping both the soil and sod soaked the first week will help the sod establish itself in your yard. Follow the following guidelines to ensure your sod is getting the amount of water needed. Watering times should be 40-50 minutes. After three weeks, the sod should be established and you may resume your normal watering routine.

Cool Season – Early Spring and Mid-to-Late Fall

(Average high temperature less than 80 degrees)

Weeks One and Two

The sod and soil should be kept completely soaked the first week. It is almost impossible to give it too much water. Water once a day during these weeks. The soil should still be wet the second week, but doesn’t have to be soaked.

Week Three

Reduce watering to once every third day.

Hot Season – Late Spring to Early-to-Mid Fall

(Average high temperature greater than 80 degrees)

Week One

Water two to three times a day during this crucial first week. If water starts to puddle, you can cut back on the watering time.

Week Two

Reduce watering to one time per day, gradually allowing the soil to begin to dry and become firm.

Week Three

Reduce watering to once every second or third day.

Please note that these are guidelines for watering, but frequency and length of watering will be dependent on how warm and windy it is, and how rapidly the lawn dries out following each watering. Remember, the goal during the first week is to keep the sod and the soil beneath moist at all times.

Make sure your irrigation system gives you head to head coverage so water application is uniform. This is critical as almost all sod failures are due to improper coverage of the irrigation system or watering method. If you have any questions or concerns about your sod, or your irrigation system not providing proper coverage, please reach out. We would be happy to help!


It is okay to mow if needed, but it is necessary to cut back watering a day or two before mowing. This will allow the soil time to become firm enough to withstand the weight of the mower.

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