This time of the year in Kansas, hot and humid weather can cause fungus in your lawn. Fungus can cause brown spots which can eventually kill areas in your lawn.

Tips to prevent fungus

We do have some tips to help you prevent fungus. Most importantly, water your lawn in the mornings, and avoid watering in the evenings. Due to the cooler yet humid temperatures in the evenings, watering at night can become a breeding ground for fungus.

It is also important to keep the blade height on your mower between 3.5-4” in the summer if you have a fescue or blue-grass type lawn. This blade height recommendation will not only help you battle fungus but also weeds. Mowing with the proper blade height will also reduce the stress on your lawn that is caused by the summer heat.

Not all brown spots are alike! Brown areas in your lawn can also be caused by a dull mower blade and summer heat stress. So keeping your mower blade sharp can help you keep a great looking lawn.

Unfortunately, even if you take all of our advice, even some of the best kept lawns can struggle with fungus.

Here are some photos of fungus in lawns. Often fungus can be identified by the developing of brown patches. In those patches, you’ll find dark or yellow uneven spots on the blades of grass, like the ones below.

This lawn has a type of fungus called dollar spot. Fungus can also take form with larger spots.
Blade of grass with fungus
Fungus can typically be identified by uneven patches on individual blades of grass that are commonly brown and yellow.

The good news is that if fungus is caught early, it is treatable. Schendel provides a few treatment options for fungus. If you’re concerned you may be experiencing fungus, the fastest way to get treatment is to send us a picture. We’d be happy to assess and provide you a quote on fungus treatment.