If you’re looking for a healthier, greener lawn, choosing the WeedZero Fertilization Program is a huge step in the right direction. We’ll take care of your lawn by eliminating weeds and fertilizing at the same time. 

We want to help you see the best results from your lawn this season. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to a healthy lawn in addition to fertilization. A few key factors are listed below:

Proper Watering
During four of your annual WeedZero treatments, we will be fertilizing your lawn. Fertilizer will only have maximum impact if proper watering takes place after treatments. Proper watering is important for the health and look of your lawn. We recommend watering 2-3x a week during the hot summer season.

Mowing Height
Mowing too low or too infrequently are common causes of problems in yards. The recommended mowing height is 3 to 3.5 inches for tall fescue lawns. Mow frequently enough so that no more than 1/3 of the height Is removed at one time, and make sure your mower blade is sharp enough to ensure a clean cut.

Overseeding and Aeration
Overseeding fills bare spots in your lawn and is an excellent way to prevent weeds. A full turf means less room for weeds to grow. Aeration is done to keep air circulating in the soil, which is essential for a healthy root system. We offer lawn overseeding in the spring and fall.

Grubs are common insects which fed on the healthy roots of grass in some yards. This limits the grass’s ability to take in water and nutrients, causing the grass to decline or die out in later summer and early fall. Our grubicide treatments can be applied to your lawn both preventatively or as grubs are hatching.

Due to our hot and humid summers, fungus commonly grows among Kansas grass, taking the beauty away from your lawn and leaving brown spots. Our three-step summer treatments are designed to protect your lawn from disease and help your lawn keep its beautiful green color all summer.

Chigger, Fleas, and Ticks
Protect your family and pets and keep your yard free of these annoying pests until fall with our five service program designed to last you through the summer.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions about taking care of your lawn, get in touch with one of our experts here.