Is your lawn ready for fall? Here at Schendel, we want to make sure you can experience a healthy, full lawn every season.

This post is a great place to start if you want tips on how to change your lawn care strategy as we transition into fall, or if you want to educate yourself on fall lawn maintenance.


Have you seeded your lawn this fall? The fall is the best time to overseed your lawn. Soil in the fall is still relatively warm from the summer conditions, which allows for the seed to germinate more effectively. If you want to have a fuller lawn, fill any bare spots you have, and more effectively battle weeds, seeding is a great option.

If you are seeding this season, we have a post that specifically discusses seeding watering and aftercare for the best results. Check it out here.


One item to focus on is your mowing height. Throughout the summer, it is important to keep the height of your lawn relatively tall in order to keep it healthy through intense heat and sunlight. However, in the fall, it can be more beneficial to mow around an inch shorter.

In Kansas, we have a few different kinds of grasses that are most commonly seen in lawns. In general, mowing heights can be lowered by 0.5-1 inch as the weather cools down. We cover this topic in our mowing blog. If you want to read more about how high to mow your lawn considering the type of grass you have, check out our mowing blog here.


Watering your lawn is important in the fall too! Just because the temperatures are dropping, doesn’t mean your lawn isn’t in need of hydration. The best time to rejuvenate your lawn from the hot summer weather is in the fall. As is the case with any other season, watering is best when done in the early morning. Once the weather is consistently cool, we recommend watering 1-2 times per week if you aren’t seeding.

PS… Did you know? Mowing small amounts of leaves into your lawn can actually provide some beneficial nutrients to your grass. However, too many leaves on your lawn can be harmful. It is more difficult for your grass to breathe and get moisture when it is covered. Because of this, be sure to rake up excess amounts of leaves.

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