Seeding Success This Fall: Your Guide to a Lush Lawn

Perhaps the summer heat has left your lawn patchy and bare. Don’t worry! Fall is the perfect time to revitalize your lawn with fresh grass seed. At Schendel Lawn & Landscape, we’re your local experts in all thing’s lawn care in Topeka and Lawrence, and we’re here to guide you through successful fall seeding.

Why Fall Seeding is Worth Doing

Fall offers several advantages:

  • Cooler Temperatures: Fall gives us mild daytime temperatures that are ideal for seed germination. Unlike the scorching heat of summer and some Kansas springtime, fall allows for steady growth without the risk of seeds drying out.
  • Warm Soil: The ground retains summer’s warmth well into fall, providing the perfect environment for seed development. This warmth encourages root growth, leading to a stronger, healthier lawn come spring.
  • Less Weed Competition: Summer’s relentless weeds are less active in fall, giving your new grass seedlings a fighting chance to establish themselves before winter.
  • Natural Moisture: Fall often brings rain showers, providing much-needed moisture for seed germination and growth. This reduces the reliance on constant watering of your lawn.

Preparing Your Lawn for Seeding

Before you grab a bag of seed and head outside, some prep work is crucial for optimal results:

  • Consider Dethatching or Aerating: Thatch is a layer of dead grass and debris that can constrict air flow. Dethatching with a rake or dethatcher removes this layer, allowing for better seed-to-soil contact. Aeration, using a core aerator, creates pockets in the soil for improved air and water circulation. Aeration is included in Schendel’s fall seeding service.
  • Weed Control: Existing weeds will compete with your new grass for resources. Apply a selective herbicide before seeding to eliminate unwanted competition. Contact us if you need help with this!

Seeding Your Lawn

Now comes the fun part – planting your new grass! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • High-Quality Seed: Choose a grass type suitable for your climate and lawn conditions. For cool-season lawns like those found in Topeka and Lawrence, popular options include Kentucky bluegrass and tall-type fescue blends. It’s important to consider that not all seed blends are created equal. Look for 99% weed-free seed. Most seed sold in box stores is full of weed seed and other materials. Schendel uses premium seed in our seeding services.
  • Spreader: A broadcast spreader is ideal for larger areas, while a drop spreader works well for smaller patches.
  • Straw or Burlap: Applying a thin layer of straw or burlap helps retain moisture and prevents erosion while the seeds germinate.

Seeding Tips for Success

Schendel Lawn & Landscape: Your Partner in a Lush Lawn

At Schendel Lawn & Landscape, we’re passionate about helping homeowners achieve beautiful, healthy lawns. If you’re looking for expert advice or assistance with your fall seeding project, visit our website today! We proudly serve the Topeka and Lawrence areas and can provide everything you need for a successful seeding season, including high-quality seed, professional equipment rentals, and lawn care consultations.

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